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Download PDF Notes Pak.Studies 2nd Year Class (New Course) 2016-17, Ch#4-Steps towards Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Dear Students,

In Ch#4-Steps towards Islamic Republic of Pakistan, we will study about the Significance and impact of objectives resolution 1949, Islamic provisions in the constitutional documents, Steps towards Islamization since 1949, Difficulties in the way of Implementing Islamic provisions, Rights and responsibilities, Affects: if one breaches and deviates from them, Human Rights, Salient features world Human Rights Declaration 1948 and Khutba Hujjat-ul-Vida, the comprehensive charter of Human Rights. The objectives of this chapter are to know about the cardinal principles of the constitution of Pakistan. To know about the Islamic provisions. To appreciate the implementation of constitutional provision on Islamization and  to know the Fundamental Rights granted by the constitution.


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