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Download FSc-I (Pre-Engineering) Chemistry Notes 2016-17 FBISE Ch#4-State of Matter (Gases)

In fourth chapter (Ch#4-States of Matter (Gases)), the students will learn about the postulate of kinetic molecular theory (KMT) of gases, state and explanation of the gas laws (Boyle’s, Charles’s, Avogadro’s, Dalton’s law of partial pressure and Graham’s law of diffusion/effusion), explanation of the gas laws with reference to Kinetic Molecular Theory, explanation of absolute zero on the basis of Charles’s law, conversion of temperature into different scales, derive ideal gas equation, calculation of the values of ideal gas constant in different units, apply ideal gas equation for the calculation of mass, pressure, volume, temperature and density of a gas, calculation of the gram molecular mass of a gas from density measurement of gases at STP, explanation of pressure affects scuba divers at varying depths, explanation of deviation of gases from their ideal behaviour, derivation of Vander Waal’s equation, explanation of pressure and volume correction for non-ideal gases explanation of the general principle of liquefaction of gases, discussion on Linde’s method for the liquefaction of gases, definition and explanation of the formation of plasma and characteristics and applications of plasma.


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