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Download F.Sc Premedical – I Biology Notes (New Course) for Class XI – First Year

Dear Students and Respectable Parents / Teachers,

In this post I am going to upload Biology notes for First Year XI F.Sc Premedical Students. Biology is a compulsory subject for the students who choose Premedical subjects. Other subjects include in this group are Physics and Chemistry. The aims of Biology Course at F.Sc level are to enable the students to appreciate that Allah (SWT) is Creator and Sustainer of the universe. Broaden and stimulate student’s interest in and enjoyment of learning Biology and to help them to acquire self initiative in the study of biology. Develop an understanding of biological facts, concepts and principles and Develop awareness for application of Biology in personal, social, economic environmental and technological contexts.Be complete in itself and perform useful educational functions for students not intending to study Biology at a higher level. Suitably prepare for higher education courses in Biology, for biological studies in other educational establishments and for professional courses which require students to have a knowledge of Biology. Develop feeling for living things. Become well informed, confident and responsible citizen in a modern technological advanced changing world. Similarly the objectives of Biology at intermediate level  are to recall, Biological facts, Biological terms, Biological concepts and principles, Biological techniques, To recall some of the ways in which biological knowledge is applied in daily life. To organize interpret data from various sources and draw inferences from it. To use appropriate instruments and to take accurate and precise measurements. To recognize biological problems. To devise methods for testing the hypotheses, using controls where appropriate. Student should acquire an interest and enjoyment in studying living organisms and their interrelationship. A feeling for living organisms. A critical and inquiring mind. An objective attitude towards evidence. A positive attitude in discussing biological issue in personal, social, environmental and technological context. An awareness that the body of biological knowledge is not static; and that experimental and investigatory work are important for its advancement. An awareness for the need of appropriate safety procedures. An awareness of both the usefulness and limitations of hypotheses in making predictions and describing biological phenomena.

Download Biology Notes 1st Year

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In the 1st part of Intermediate, students will learn the following chapters. All of these chapters have been distributed in four sections i.e. Exercise, Long Notes, Review Notes and Short Notes. You can click your desired section by clicking any of those buttons.

Ch#01 The Biology VIEW/DOWNLOAD
Ch#02 Biological Molecules VIEW/DOWNLOAD
Ch#05 Variety of Life VIEW/DOWNLOAD
Ch#06 The Kingdom Prokaryotae (Monera) Bacteria VIEW/DOWNLOAD
Ch#07 The Kingdom Protista (Protoctista) VIEW/DOWNLOAD
Ch#08 The Kingdom Fugi VIEW/DOWNLOAD
Ch#09 The Kingdom Plantae VIEW/DOWNLOAD
Ch#10 The Kingdom Animalia VIEW/DOWNLOAD
Ch#11 Bioenergetics VIEW/DOWNLOAD
Ch#12 Nutrition VIEW/DOWNLOAD
Ch#13 Gaseous Exchange VIEW/DOWNLOAD
Ch#14 Transport VIEW/DOWNLOAD

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