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Ch#7-Class 9th/Matric/SSC-I Physics Notes Free Download (FBISE Islamabad) and Other Boards in shape of Video Lectures in Urdu Language

Chapter 7: Properties of Matter (30 videos)

7.1: Kinetic Molecular Model of Matter

  1. Kinetic Molecular Model of Matter
  2. Plasma-the Fourth State of Matter

7.2: Density

  1. Introduction to Density
  2. Problem on Introduction to Density
  3. Problem 2 on Introduction to Density
  4. Problem 3 on Introduction to Density

7.3: Pressure

  1. Introduction to Pressure
  2. Problem on Introduction to Pressure

7.4: Atmospheric Pressure

  1. Atmospheric Pressure
  2. Measuring Atmospheric Pressure
  3. Variation in Atmospheric Pressure

7.5: Pressure in Liquids

  1. Pressure in Liquids
  2. Problem on Pressure in Liquids
  3. Pascals Law
  4. Hydraulic Press
  5. Braking System in Vehicles
  6. Problem on Hydraulic Press

7.6: Archimedes Principle

  1. Archimedes Principle
  2. Problem on Archimedes Principle
  3. Density of an Object by Archimedes Principle
  4. Problem on Density of an Object by Archimedes Principle

7.7: Principle of Floatation

  1. Principle of Floatation
  2. Problem on Principle of Floatation
  3. Applications of Archimedes Principle

7.8: Elasticity

  1. Elasticity

7.9: Hooke’s Law

  1. Hooks Law
  2. Problem on Hook’s Law
  3. Youngs Modulus
  4. Problem on Youngs Modulus
  5. Problem 2 on Youngs Modulus

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