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Ch#7-Class 9th/Matric/SSC-I Chemistry Notes Free Download (FBISE Islamabad) and Other Boards in shape of Video Lectures in Urdu Language

Chapter 7: Electrochemistry (29 videos)

7.0: Introduction

  1. Introduction to Electrochemistry

7.1: Oxidation and Reduction

  1. Oxidation and Reduction in Terms of Loss and Gain of Electron
  2. Oxidation and Reduction in Terms of Loss and Gain of Oxygen
  3. Oxidation and Reduction in Terms of Loss and Gain of Hydrogen

7.2: Oxidation States and Rules for Assigning Oxidations States

  1. Oxidation State and Rules for Assigning Oxidation State
  2. Finding out the Oxidation Numbers

7.3: Oxidizing and Reducing Agents

  1. Oxidizing and Reducing Agents

7.4: Oxidation Reduction Reactions

  1. Oxidation and Reduction Reactions
  2. Identifying Substances Which are Oxidized or Reduced
  3. Recovering Metals from Their Ores
  4. Identifying Oxidizing and Reducing Agents from the Reactions

7.5: Electrochemical Cells

  1. Concepts of Electrolytes
  2. Electrolytic Cells
  3. Construction of an Electrolytic Cell
  4. Working of Electrolytic cell
  5. Galvanic Cell and its construction
  6. Working of the Cell
  7. Electrolysis of Sodium Chloride
  8. Dry Cell
  9. Uses of Electrolysis

7.6: Electrochemical Industries

  1. Electrolysis of Sodium Chloride
  2. Manufacture of NaOH from Brine
  3. Electroplating of Copper
  4. Electroplating of Zinc
  5. Electroplating of Tin
  6. Chrome Plating

7.7: Corrosion and its Prevention

  1. Rusting of Iron
  2. Prevention of Corrosion
  3. Corrosion of Aluminium

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