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Ch#3-Class 9th/Matric/SSC-I Chemistry Notes Free Download (FBISE Islamabad) and Other Boards in shape of Video Lectures in Urdu Language

Chapter 3: Periodic Table and Periodicity of Properties (14 videos)

3.1: Periodic Table

  1. Introduction to Periodic Law And Periodic Table
  2. Modern Periodic Table
  3. Groups in Modern Periodic Table
  4. Periods in Modern Periodic Table

3.2: Periodic Properties

  1. Shielding Effect
  2. Trend of Shielding Effect in Periodic Table
  3. Atomic Size and Atomic Radius
  4. Trend of Atomic Size and Atomic Radius in Periodic Table
  5. Ionization Energy
  6. Trend of Ionization Energy in Periodic Table
  7. Electron Affinity
  8. Trend of Electron Affinity in Periodic Table
  9. Electronegativity
  10. Trend of Electronegativity in Periodic Table

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