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Branches of Biology (Morphology and Anatomy) Ch#1 Biology Class 9th Video Lectures

Dear Students,

In this topic you will learn about some major branches of Biology (Morphology and Anatomy). This video lecture has been recorded by one of our female instructor Miss Maarij Rehman. She delivered her lecture in such a way that the students will understand all the topics easily and without any difficulty. I hope after watching her lectures, you will get a very good percentage in your exams without any tuition. These video lectures are now the property of our website ( and are also uploaded on our Youtube Channel. You can download these videos for free or learn online from our website. All the lectures of Chapter No. 1 (Introduction to Biology) are uploaded topic wise. In order to keep yourself updated from our latest news feed, don’t forget to subscribe to our free Email Newsletters. Furthermore, I will also recommend you to join our Facebook study group and our Facebook Fan Page. I hope all of these will be beneficial for you all.


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